How to choose a digital photo frame?



Digital picture frames can be purchased for as cheap as $25 and as expensive as $200 and up. The more expensive frame is not necessarily the best frame for each circumstance. 

To choose the best frame that fits into your budget, look at the following factors: Size requires choosing a frame that will easily fit into the area that you want to use it in. Picture quality is also very important--the higher the screen resolution, the better and more crisp the image will look. When it comes to memory, choose a frame that has a memory option that is convenient for you. Memory cards are a good choice if you want to easily pull the card from your digital camera and put it into your frame. A frame with Internet capability can be a good choice for picture sharing. With Internet capability, a family member or friend from out of area can send pictures to your frame. 

Finally, before purchasing a digital picture frame, decide if the extra features are important to you. Some digital picture frames have the added capability of playing videos and music.

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